Driving simulator created to teach driver safety



Driver’s TOMS has been around for some time now but is it still ‘getting it done?’ I recall my driver’s ed being a bit of a joke. I remember in all those old high school shows the students actually drove cars in coned parking lots – I never drive in my class. Saved By The Bell taught me NOTHING!
Meanwhile in a Manhattan New York Basement, engineers and programmers are creating a video game to simulate the whole driving experience. No, I’m not talking about Need for Speed or Crazy Taxi – I’m talking about a real life simulator. What better way to simulate driving than by being in a frame with an actual steering wheel.
The frame is actually adapted from a flight simulator. By putting students behind the wheel in this game, they can safely deal with real life driving situations without any danger. The idea is so simple, but so effective at the same time. In a simulator, a student can learn frantic lane changes and sudden breaking. At the experimental automotive lab at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City this is all becoming a reality.
The developers of this project are looking to partner with insurance companies to teach teens safe driving. I can’t help but to support this, make driver’s ed fun and educational once again!

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