Introduction of Three levels’s training of drive simulator

Introduction of Three levels’s training of drive simulator:
1. Basic training: There are six vehicle models and three practice ways: 1).Passive driving 2).Basic operation 3).Training in simple road

2. Medium training: You can choose the course of function training,the number and type of vehicles,roads,weathers…etc

3.Advanced training: You can choose the number and type of vehicles, roads,weathers and following nine specified training courses by the Ministry of transportation.
1).Go through the continuous obstacle
2).Go through the unilateral bridge
3).Right angle turn
4).Park into the side position
5).Park in the uphill road and start in the ramp road
6).Pass a limited width gate of specific speed
7).Up shift and down shift in 100 meters
8). Driving in a fluctuant road
9). Driving in a curve road

Maximum 60 other vehicles in the scene, simulate realistic traffic flow conditions. Training climates: dazzling training, “day”, “snow”, “fog”, “rainy” and “night”, experience the driving characteristics under different weather conditions (for example, there are sunny morning and evening training of dazzling driving; snowy road very slippery; extremely bad fog sight; night driving can switch the high beams and low beams, etc.).