the rules of driving simulators run on american

Aks:Does anybody know of any driving simulators that run on american rules?

I am trying to find a driving simulator with american rules and all i see is European driving simulators..


when you say “American Rules”, is that rules of the road or some sort of game protocol? if the purpose is to train drivers, there are several American made, American rules of the road simulators to choose from. the 3 most advanced from a training environment and course ware perspective are: MPRI L-3Communications in Salt Lake City, First Ann Arbor Corp. (FAAC) in MI; and Doron Precision in Binghamton, NY. there are several more, but these have been the traditional platforms for advanced training. primary users include law enforcement, fire, EMT, professional trucking, military.these puppies cost as much as 2 to 3 automobiles.if your interest is gaming, i am not much help. i know some games are being aggressively used for training. depending on the application, some elements of games may be appropriate. however, training drivers so as to change their behavior needs measurement, performance fidelity, organized curriculum and a few more features not found in games. training a person to drive fast as in a pursuit requires adrenaline management, situational awareness, hazard recognition, case law knowledge and an understanding of vehicle dynamics. i am sure i missed a few points. he needs for training first responders, commercial drivers and other ciritcal industies is the very reason its very American in application. i probably over answered your question.


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