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simulators with three 20in

3D drive simulator in 2013


Drive Simulator(easynew-C-3) Three screen 20in



Detailed Product Description


3D auto driving simulator ,car simulator with 3 screens,easy-C-3

it is a training equipment for driving school,  not a game machine.



Simulator has advanced features in hardware and software design

1.Exclusive training on each and every control of the car, like steering, clutch, accelerator, gear lever, handbrake etc

2. Simulates all lighting controls, i.e. high and low beam, dipper, emergency stop lights, indicators etc.

3. Driving in different weather conditions like rain, fog; daytime and night time.

4. Simulation of various types of real life traffic situations with vehicle density of up to 50 vehicles.

5. Introduces trainee to various hazard situations which typically are responsible for accidents

6. Automatic pilot mode which allows learner to concentrate on specific skills he wants to master.

7. Video demonstration and assessment results which help trainee to examine his driving skill level



1.dynamic force feedback steering wheel 36 cm diameter
2.3 graphics channels and 3 simulated mirrors, can be extended
3.120 degrees horizontal field of view
4.adjustable car seat
5.dual core processor PC
6.3 x20″ LCD displays
7.resolution: 3840*768 displays
8.3D sound system
10.Working temperature:0~40°C
11.CE certificate



Unit                  1.5×0.9×1.16 (M)



Outer Carton    1.6×0.9×1.35(M)



Net Weight       180KG



Gross Weight   200KG


Loading Q’ty     21pcs/40HQ


3D auto driving simulator car simulator with 3 sc
3D auto driving simulator